Standard round-top rubbers

Standard squeegee channels have met their match with the BlackDiamond Round Top Rubber. This replacement blade features a shorter profile and utilizes the highest quality raw rubber materials. BlackDiamond knows the importance of control when it comes to professional cleaning. Don’t let longer profiles slow you down. This short squeegee blade allows you to discover the angles that eliminate missed spots, streaks on glass, and inflexible positions. Reaching just far enough out of the squeegee channel, close-out frames, and precisely tackle corners.


When the leaves have fallen, and the cold temperatures arrive, window cleaning professionals know there is no better choice than BlackDiamond Round Top Soft Squeegee Rubber. This soft rubber eliminates blade chatter, providing you with gratifying consistency and impeccably smooth close-outs, making it that much easier to work in freezing temperatures. Seamlessly glide across a variety of angles by hand or by pole. No matter what you use, BlackDiamond Soft Squeegee rubber will follow your flow; not control your movements. Although the softer rubber wears down faster, there is no other match to BlackDiamond. This will become your cold-weather season staple for decades to come.


Innovating the methods by which window cleaning professionals have worked for over a decade, BlackDiamond has raised the bar for the industry standard in squeegee rubber with their Round Top Medium Squeegee Rubber. Featuring a Shore Factor of 52, this rubber rides the line between soft and hard, being the number one versatile squeegee blade for your fast-paced professional lifestyle. Soft rubber generally has a Shore Factor of 48, while hard rubber exists at 60. Often, these Shore Factors can be too specific when you’re on the go. BlackDiamond Medium rubber solves this problem, assisting you on your busiest days. This medium rubber takes more time to break in, so using it by hand before placing it on your pole may be the best solution to getting the best glide for your work.
Curated for professionals by professionals, this rubber has been constructed with the highest grade of raw materials and produced in a natural molding. As a result, its razor-sharp edges provide the perfect glide you need to get to where you’re going without leaving a single streak. 


  • Crafted specifically for standard squeegee channels
  • Top-quality materials
  • Economical
  • Short profile for precise control
  • Soft or Medium
  • Smooth and Consistent


The following channels have been tested and confirmed to fit BlackDiamond Round Top Squeegee Rubber.

  • Ettore Aluminum Squeegee Channel
  • Ettore Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel
  • Ettore Master Brass Squeegee Channel
  • Ettore Super Squeegee Channel
  • LTWC Squeegee Channel
  • Moerman Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel
  • Moerman Liquidator Squeegee Channel 2.0
  • Moerman Liquidator Squeegee Channel 3.0
  • Pulex Aluminum Squeegee Channel
  • Pulex UniHandle Squeegee Channel
  • Pulex Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel
  • Pulex Brass Squeegee Channel
  • Pulex TechnoLite Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel
  • Pulex Alumax Squeegee Channel
  • Steccone Feather-Weight Aluminum Squeegee Channel
  • Unger Brass Squeegee Channel
  • Unger S Squeegee Channel
  • Unger S Plus Squeegee Channel
  • Unger Ninja Aluminum Squeegee Channel
  • Wagtail Slimline Squeegee Channel

Flat-TOP for wide body channels like SORBO

For the flat top squeegee rubber lovers out there, BlackDiamond has crafted the perfect replacement blades using the highest-quality raw materials on the market for your window cleaning needs. Formed together in a natural mold, they’ve created a choice of soft rubber for those chilly days, and medium rubber to work with you all year long. For those using channels with T-Profiles, this rubber is ideal. Furthermore, to maintain precision and control, BlackDiamond has met the needs of window cleaners by curating this short-profile rubber to reach just far enough from your channel.


For the northern natives out there, you know that soft rubber, especially during the winter months, is an absolute necessity. Not only does soft rubber eliminate chatter while working on cold days, but it is easier to bend and move with the glass. Consistent and smooth, this option is excellent for pole work and reaching all the nooks and crannies on the windows. Although it does tend to wear down faster, it is the superior rubber when it comes to low temperatures and will allow you to work quickly so you can warm your hands around a hot beverage even sooner.


Innovation and BlackDiamond should be synonymous with one another, as creating a medium rubber for window cleaning professionals has allowed for minimal chatter, an extended lifespan, and razor-sharp edges. Giving streak-free glass isn’t something BlackDiamond takes lightly. These unique, medium rubbers feature a Shore Factor of 52, making them a versatile option for window cleaners to get the clean they need in any climate. While soft rubber is at 48 and hard is at 60, this middle-ground makes the art of window cleaning seamless.

Professionals know that choosing BlackDiamond is a no-brainer. Perfecting the art of replacement rubber blades for over a decade, they’ve engraved their name in the hearts of window cleaners worldwide. 


  • Specifically curated for wide-bodied squeegee channels
  • Highest-quality raw materials on the market
  • Short profile for fitting channels perfectly


The following channels have been tested and confirmed to fit BlackDiamond Flat Top Squeegee Rubber.

  • Sorbo Red White and Blue Squeegee Channel
  • Sorbo 2021 Limited Edition Squeegee Channel
  • Sorbo Black Mamba Squeegee Channel
  • Sorbo Cobra Squeegee Channel
  • Sorbo Silverado Squeegee Channel
  • Sorbo Quicksilver Squeegee Channel
  • Sorbo Eliminator Squeegee Channel
  • Sorbo Viper Squeegee Channel
  • Sorbo Ultra 45° Squeegee Channel

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